[OZAPRS] VK1RGI-1 config changes

Josh vk2hff at vk2hff.ampr.org
Sat Jan 11 09:41:10 AEDT 2020

Hi Scott,
I think RHR is using a Microsat PLXDigi
(http://microsat.com.pl/product_info.php?products_id=54) and is
configured as a W1 digipeater. If the handful of Sydney stations with
inappropriate paths/bad configurations fixed their setup, this wouldn't
be an issue.
It would also limit the beacon ping-pong within the area too.

- Josh

On 11/01/2020 9:23 am, Scott Evans wrote:
> Is the digi RHR using ui-digi? If so then take a look at the following
> setting
> UIDigiCall
> // UI Generic Calls (up to 8)
> UIDigiCall = WIDE7-7, WIDE6-6, WIDE5-5, WIDE4-4, WIDE3-3, WIDE3-2
> What this does is to truncate excessive path abuse by simply stripping
> the original destination and making it into a single hop by replacing
> the wideN-n to the ui-digi callsign.
> This is the better option than just putting a blanket ban of one
> particular digi...
> For some lite reading you can refer to https://www.qsl.net/
> <https://www.qsl.net/n8deu/uidigi_eprom_settings.htm>n8deu
> <https://www.qsl.net/n8deu/uidigi_eprom_settings.htm>/uidigi_eprom_settings.htm
> <https://www.qsl.net/n8deu/uidigi_eprom_settings.htm>
> Cheers

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