Liz liz at billiau.net
Mon Mar 18 06:56:03 AEDT 2019

QTR Sun, 17 Mar 2019 20:49:10 +1100 Graeme QTC

> Hello Glen,
> 18 months went quickly but a good run for DW and the h/w.  I spotted
> that it probably wasn't transmitting valid messages as my igate kept
> producing null lines at about the usual RGI rate, but working again
> late today.  A big hole is left to the west, NW and SW without RGI,
> not helped locally by the absence of RWG.  Great that you were able
> to log in to fix the problem.
> My igate went off the air early this morning so I though there must
> be a disease going around, but it was only a dead battery.
> Regards,
> Graeme

Definitely a disease, mine went off air after a problem with the house
distribution board yesterday morning..... Watch out in Mildura and
Renmark, you are next in line!


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