[OZAPRS] Foundation and RF APRS new thread

Josh vk2hff at vk2hff.ampr.org
Sat Dec 21 11:34:24 AEDT 2019

Hi Norm,

On 21/12/2019 10:30 am, Norm McMillan wrote:
> Someone with more knowledge than I might like to comment on the
> legality of both cases? I'm not an APRSdroid user so I don't know if
> it's possible to put a comment with a callsign in APRSdroid.
Yes, APRSdroid allows a custom comment but defaults to the aprsdroid URL
if no comment is provided.
Regarding legality, there is no requirement to identify yourself on
every transmission.
And your ID doesn't have to be sent via AX.25 - sending your full
callsign via CW (or voice etc) once every 10 minutes would fulfill the
requirement, providing it was sent on the same frequency as your APRS
transmissions - not that I'd recommend this option.

Including your callsign in your APRS beacon comment field would
obviously also meet the requirement.  From ACMA's perspective your APRS
object name does not have to match your callsign - that's just our
convention for position beacons.
> Another question... would a 3F*** call be gated IS to RF? Guess it
> depends on the software etc.
That comes down to each individual igate's configuration.
As an example, mine won't gate any objects from IS to RF except for
messages for nearby stations recently heard directly via RF, or WXSVR-AU
alerts within my igate's area. The callsign makes no difference.

IMO the best approach for F calls is to set their callsign field to
nFxxx, and include their full callsign in the comment field.

- Josh VK2HFF

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