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vk2tv vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Sat Dec 21 10:58:54 AEDT 2019

On 21/12/19 10:30 am, Norm McMillan wrote:
> The old thread was getting hard to follow!
>  1. Local APRS user VK3FXBR is using APRSdroid, identifying as 3FXBR-5
>     on xastir and APRS.fi.The comment field simply has the APRSdroid
>     URL. Symbol is a fire truck!!!
>  2. I notice a number of others doing the same thing, using normal rf
>     APRS with full callsign in the comment field.
> Both vk3fxbr and 3fxbr generate passcodes at 
> https://apps.magicbug.co.uk/passcode/index.php/passcode .
> Someone with more knowledge than I might like to comment on the 
> legality of both cases? I'm not an APRSdroid user so I don't know if 
> it's possible to put a comment with a callsign in APRSdroid.
I see it as more a matter of "what happens in AX25 with a callsign that 
is longer than the allocated 6 spaces". Would AX25 simply drop the 
packet because it doesn't comply, or would it drop the last character, 
making it VK3FXB which could (currently isn't) be an allocated callsign? 
The second example could have international ramifications because 3F is 
allocated to the Republic of Panama.
> Another question... would a 3F*** call be gated IS to RF? Guess it 
> depends on the software etc.
Probably yes, if for no other reason that it's an internationally 
allocated prefix.

Sending the "callsign" as an object is probably the safest option but 
can one get a passcode for an object, given that a 7 character callsign, 
even though a passcode can be obtained for it, might not get as far as 
aprs-is. Need someone smarter than me to answer that. We need for Jack 
to try various permutations.
> norm vk3xci
> custodian. Mildura raspberry pi-gate vk3xci-10
Ray vk2tv

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