[OZAPRS] Foundation and RF APRS

Jack Schultz jack at contrillion.com
Fri Dec 20 12:45:01 AEDT 2019

Hi Marcos (and Carlos), interesting to read both your thoughts on the topic.

Though my preference is obviously to have a 'valid' callsign for AX.25,
what I use now is the best I could come up with. Every packet contains my
full callsign in the comment, which I think works well for those that use
APRS through a PC interface, but not as handy in a mobile rig or handheld
where my full call is hidden behind several screens.

My thinking is that while transmitting my full callsign makes it a legal
transmission, I should try and fit as much as possible in the designated
callsign field, with the lowest priority being the leftmost part of the
callsign since it is the least specific.

I hear a similar take on local repeaters where there is a usual crowd that
chats to each other, often simply omitting 'VK' altogether when referring
to each others callsigns, or the callsign of a repeater for example. In the
world of APRS, I feel there is a similar level of community in that aspect
within the local RF zone. I generally see a dozen or so core users, so
there is that immediate recognition when I decode one of their packets.

In Melbourne I've also seen VK3FSPD using APRS first as VKFSPD, then using
3FSPD. I prefer the latter form as it avoids ambiguity when travelling

Jack Schultz
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