[OZAPRS] Fw: [TINYTRAK] Can anyone in OZ help a new ham out?

Mark Jessop lenniethelemming at gmail.com
Thu Aug 8 18:59:23 AEST 2019

Not in Melbourne so can't really help out with the hands-on aspect, but I'm
always interested in getting in contact with any new high-altitude balloon
(and I can send them a re-programmed Vaisala RS41 radiosonde to use as a
backup tracker - not APRS though!)

Mark VK5QI

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> Subject: [TINYTRAK] Can anyone in OZ help a new ham out?
> Is there anyone down there in OZ who can provide hands-on help to a new
> Ham with a Micro-Trak MT-AIO? (Near Melbourne) He is in charge of
> getting his school's HAB flight together, and it seems he is having a
> bit of beginners bad luck....His antenna was broken, and he may have
> blown the finals, and/or corrupted his PIC ( And if there is anything I
> hate, it's a corrupt PIC) He will probably need help in reloading the
> firmware, and in general radio and ham practices. He is too far away
> from me to try to ship him anything in time for his flight, and I
> suspect that he will need general support for his mission by a Ham with
> experience who is willing to work for top-pay (i.e., nothing) to help
> him through his process of discovery. 73, Allen AF6OFVHS/Byonics
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