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Subject: [TINYTRAK] Can anyone in OZ help a new ham out?

Is there anyone down there in OZ who can provide hands-on help to a new
Ham with a Micro-Trak MT-AIO? (Near Melbourne) He is in charge of
getting his school's HAB flight together, and it seems he is having a
bit of beginners bad luck....His antenna was broken, and he may have
blown the finals, and/or corrupted his PIC ( And if there is anything I
hate, it's a corrupt PIC) He will probably need help in reloading the
firmware, and in general radio and ham practices. He is too far away
from me to try to ship him anything in time for his flight, and I
suspect that he will need general support for his mission by a Ham with
experience who is willing to work for top-pay (i.e., nothing) to help
him through his process of discovery. 73, Allen AF6OFVHS/Byonics
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