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Oh I forgot to add...   the 0.1" (2.54mm) connectors are my preference.



On 19 February 2018 at 10:20, Matthew Cook <vk5zm at bistre.net> wrote:

> Glen,
> Will this board stack upon the top of the HAT connectors on a Pi 2b/3?
> Recently I came across the Blade Uno BB01 that allows you to stack a Pi
> and  a HAT that sit alongside each other.  This arrangement allows you to
> mount it in a 1RU 19" rack with ease.  You can see an image on my blog (
> http://zedm.net/archives/261).  I've since removed the DE9 connector and
> replaced it with a low profile right angle connector.  So far no signs of
> overheating of the Pi, There is opportunity to mount a small 40mm fan to
> the side and move air if required.
> The downside is the HAT needs to be full size or at least full length to
> be able to take advantage of the standoff mounting arrangement.  It does
> however make for a nice neat solution that does not require internal wiring
> :-)
> 73
> Matthew
> On 19 February 2018 at 07:59, Glen English VK1XX <
> glenlist at pacificmedia.com.au> wrote:
>> Right now I have a bunch of footprints for standard 0.15" (cheap)
>> (3.81mm) 90 deg green plug in connectors.
>> If you dont place the connectors, then soldering to the pads and holes is
>> easy.
>> However, there is alot of IO. The alternative would be plain old 2.54mm
>> (0.1") header single rows, you can easily solder to those or use headerpins
>> and solder to those. but... I like to stay with connecvtors easy to connect
>> to and plug in .
>> Ideally, I try and keep all the connectors on one side of the box, or two
>> , to make putting it in a a box easier
>> Usually  I target Hammond extrusion boxes, connectors on ends only.
>> all these connectors though, we're running out of room for small boxes.
>> Some things are opt, some required.
>> The USB, ethernet from the host micro (odroid/RPi) hang out one end with
>> a few connectors,
>> SOME connectors dont need to be on the edge the option stuff people asked
>> for.
>> So I was thinking of having a matrix- most people might only use 4 to 6
>> IOs plus power.
>> The idea is would be you'd wire jumper the IOs you wanted to a plug in
>> green thing common IO connector, this way we dont have to consume every bit
>> of the edge for connector real estate for 90% you dont use.
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