Glen English VK1XX glenlist at pacificmedia.com.au
Sat Dec 30 16:45:28 AEDT 2017

I'm actually going to showcase this also on 80m. why 80m ? 80m is 
characterized in the daytime by poor SNR for short <1000km  paths but 
this mode can showcase just how good it is on vertical incidence paths.

anyone got any good ideas for an 80m freq ?

The mode is about 50Hz wide approx (at the moment- we might double that 
speed to reduce TX time BUT increases bandwidth 2x and reduces 
sensitivity 3dB)  .
The modem can demod multiple simultaneous present users.  so a sideband 
passband is no big deal. or smaller.

and  maybe should start on 40m/30m , because people already have radios 
listening there.

I guess just go in the existing 300 baud APRS freq segments ?

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