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Thanks for the feedback Ray.

Bushfire objects are positioned where the agency positions the main point of the fire, typically this is the "point of origin" (side note, I am a vol firefighter so have some internal knowledge).

The challenge with warnings for large incidents is that they cover large areas as you've suggested. I am looking into the polygon option for these, but the maths hurts my head to represent those objects from the hundreds of points assigned by the agency. At this point, I can't transfer the polygon from the RSS Feed into anything usable on APRS. I am working on possibly issuing it similar to a weather warning but that means the incident will cover a much larger area than the warning may be for.

Thanks for the heads up regarding coastal wind warnings, I will check it out. I may need to wait for the next issue of them and do some further testing in real time.



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Hi Matty,

Here's an update on how the new WXSVR performed during the weekend severe wx situation. This is with xastir.

The ALERT for flooding worked just fine and an object appeared in affected wx regions. Bushfire objects are appearing but I'm not seeing the boundaries. The fires so far have been small, but one current fire between Kempsey and Port Macquarie is large enough (10ha) to display boundaries on the NSW RFS "fires near me" web page. Xastir was zoomed in considerably more than the fires near me page. Coastal wind warnings appear to not be functioning correctly, however. This part of the coast (Macquarie and Coffs coasts) was under strong wind warning over the weekend but I didn't see any ALERT zones. I did occasionally see the wind warning object display but on each occasion it disappeared fairly quickly.

It's great to be able to see some warnings again, and thanks once more for your efforts.

Ray vk2tv
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