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I am running a Robust packet Igate nominally on 10.147.3. Usb dial. It does not interfere with fsk aprs as the sideband occurs at a different space from aFSK carrier. I can run either, but not both at the same time as an igate or bbs. VK2NA is often 14.103.3, I qsy there and chat via hosted mode via the igate..Dave is keen to run a mail service as well as RPR lends it's self well to that mode. We have tested it, it runs like 1200bd, but over HF.

Sometimes I get requests from EU to qsy to 7.048.3 USB as well so they can try DX.

If anyone has SCS tracker and wants to run dual mode, only to happy to support them on their trip or any other experimentation they want to conduct.

Yours In Radio



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Here's the list, Andrew:

A lot has changed in two years so I shall have to update the site.
We no longer have an official 40m APRS frequency since the WIA band plan
change last year placed 7036 kHz in the CW segment.
One option would be to shift up 10 kHz to 7046 like the packet chat net
did to 7047.17. Alternatively, align with Japan at 7045 or EU at 7048.6.
There's nothing running on 20m at the moment either.

Your sailor should have a lot of success on 30m APRS as there are plenty
of Igates.

Gerard - VK2IO

On 21/06/2016 4:00 PM, Andrew Rich wrote:
> Was approached by a guy sailing
> Wants to run HF APRS
> Where are the fixed HF I gates ?
> Andrew
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