[OZAPRS] HF i-Gate using R-Pi, Beaglebone or similar

scott at vk7hse.hobby-site.org scott at vk7hse.hobby-site.org
Sun Feb 15 17:19:29 EST 2015

The only trouble with that last product is that they're going to be out of the price range for most... 

I've got a model B (original) with a tncpi (only suitable for 1200bd) running as a fill-in using aprx. 

As other comments have mentioned, the input voltage is critical for the original model B. The psu circuit has been redesigned for the model B+ and so far that one is a little bit more tolerant of voltage, but I've not done extensive testing on that just yet as I've just got the new version 2 (quad core Arm7) and I've got rather distracted! 
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