[OZAPRS] HF i-Gate using R-Pi, Beaglebone or similar

Ian Bennett ibennett at tpg.com.au
Sun Feb 15 17:06:23 EST 2015

	I am running an Odroid U3 for my HF igate with direwolf.
	I found the Raspberry Pi struggled for processing power so opted for the Odroid. A four-core ARM
running at twice the CPU speed of the Pi made light work of decoding HF with Direwolf.
	That said, I had to run multiple instances of DW with different modem settings as it couldn't cope
with 4 modems in one core.
	Two instances with 2 modems each forced it to use different cores for each; forced multi-threading :-)


On 15/02/15 16:04, Rob - VK6LD wrote:
> Hello All,
> Just seeing if anyone has setup or has any info/links on setting up a HF I-Gate using a Raspberry
> Pi, Beaglebone or similar type of hardware?
> The receiver will be an amateur HF transceiver, so no need for an SDR type RX attached to the
> hardware and not sure about whether to use a sound card style modem or an external TNC?
> Hoping to keep the power consumption to a minimum, hence the Raspberry Pi/Beaglebone avenue.
> Any advice or pointers would be greatly appreciated.
> 73's
> Rob…
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