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Terry, VK5ATN vk5atn at internode.on.net
Fri Sep 26 10:05:12 EST 2014

On 26/09/2014 6:31 AM, ozaprs-request at aprs.net.au wrote:
> I had a cackle when I read the comment "Hams doing what they want as individuals" as I whole
> heartedly agree. The fact that people are still using the -15 SSID for HF is a case in point. Bob
> took this out of the "RFC" years ago. Still, these are only guidelines anyway and I never used the
> -15 SSID as I had VHF APRS running at the same time. Having two SSID's coming from the same vehicle
> would have been very confusing for anyone tracking us.
With respect, I see things somewhat differently.

Fact is that if Bob changed this practice ( -15 for HF stations ), few 
people seemed to have noticed.    This is not to in any way play down 
Bob's role in 'creating' APRS or his valued ongoing contribution in 
further developing and promoting it.    However having built and 
launched the good ship 'APRS', one's control over it diminishes as other 
people come on board and steer it to their own ideas and objectives.     
Almost all of the 'guides' for HF APRS operation I gurgled in the last 
ten minutes or so still advise the use of -15 SSID.   It's a practise I 
agree with, and indeed follow in my own HF operation.   The use of HF 
APRS is so different in many respects in equipment, mode and propagation 
that it deserves to be identified clearly as a separate and unique mode 
of operation. Using a well established and universally accepted 
identifier achieves these objectives instantly.

In the meantime we have talked about this poor guy who is 'breaking the 
rules' for several days now.   Surely those making the observations and 
taking offence at what they see can contact him and offer some advice, 
rather than discuss it here.    If he isn't a subscriber to this list - 
and it would appear that he isn't -  this achieves absolutely nothing.

Puzzled 73,


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