[OZAPRS] aprx revision

Owen Duffy owen at owenduffy.net
Fri Sep 26 08:33:21 EST 2014

Hello All,

I mentioned earlier that I was fixing some defects in aprx v2.08.

The latest changes have been to run aprx as a user (aprx). It is a
significant security risk to run a server of this type which as its own
network interfaces at elevated privilege, hence the rework.

A deb pkg for RPi is at
http://owenduffy.net/files/aprx_2.08.0984-1_armhf.deb for anyone
interested. My repo is at https://github.com/owenduffy/aprx . (The 0984
part of the filename is derived from the git head hash and is not a
sequence number like for instance SVN revisions.)

This revision also has the hooks in the init file for calling a
procedure to initialise / reset a TNC.


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