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Some good news for HF APRS.

A few months ago I bought an Ultimate-3 WSPR node to set up on 6 bands as
a permanent WSPR transmitter.  I have since bought a multi-band HF
vertical to go with it.  The project is not finished yet because I have
allowed myself to be sidetracked too many times.

Here is the kit and it's a beauty:


I have spoken to Hans Summers about using this node for HF APRS and he
says he will add that feature to the software in the future.  Other things
we discussed were:

1. Offering a small Class C amplifier to boost the output from 150mW (or
450mW) to about 5 watts

2. Offering a small aluminium box to house and protect the node

As it stands this WSPR node can run about 150mW to 450mW on all bands from
LF 2200m to HF 10m and runs WSPR, QRSS and a heap of other protocols.  The
unit is crystal locked and synced to a GPS.  Single band LPFs are needed
to enable operation on any of the HF amateur bands.

I would imagine that a single band HF APRS node in this form would run
about 5 watts on any HF band and would cost about $100-$200 including the

Because it has a PIC and GPS included and has an onboard DDS it stands to
reason that it could be a stand alone unit - without the need of an
external tracker circuit.   Just add 12 volts DC and an antenna and you'd
be on air.

A mobile whip for HF 30m from MFJ would be about $30 + base.

Does that sound interesting ?



> On 3 Sep 2014, at 9:15 pm, Gordon Taylor <gordon at thetaylorclub.com> wrote:
>> For some reason when stopped the TT3 does not send any beacons.  It has
>> been
>> said before that HF APRS is all about knowing where someone is in a
>> region,
>> not about which corner they have just turned.
> If I’m reading them right, the HF settings recommended at
> http://aprs.net.au/configuration/tinytrak3 should give a beacon every 30
> minutes when stationary.
>> However if the frequency is not being overloaded it's better to use it
>> than
>> loose it, when/if it becomes a problem we can provide guidance on what
>> may
>> be a better beaconing rate.
> I've always thought it would be nice to have a “beacon now” button on the
> TT3, for those times when you want everyone to know where you are right
> now. Of course, one can always cycle the power and wait a minute for the
> GPS to lock again.
> 73 Richard VK2SKY
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