Liz edodd at billiau.net
Mon Jun 10 19:27:19 EST 2013

I have just acquired a R-Pi and am thinking of replacing the eeepc
which is the car computer for radio with the Pi.
The eeepc runs xastir and operates as a mobile iGate - usually on a
long drive, not everytime the car gets used

After a long drive
the following are my thoughts

Debian on the Pi
Pi connected to D710
 each time the D710 restarts (serial adapter seen again on USB bus)
 send the commands to return it to KISS mode
use KISS and AX25 
then can run either xastir or aprx dependent on need (remember I live
on the edge of the aprs universe)
optional screen / keypad or touch screen??
some bluetooth dongle to allow control of the Car-Pi with an Android

anyone set up anything like this??


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