[OZAPRS] APRS : Quad Copter VHF APRS 145.175 MHz 1 watt

Peter VERNON peter.vernon at jbo.com.au
Mon Jun 3 09:42:40 EST 2013

G'Day Andrew..


Been looking at these Phantoms for a week or so and I'm curious how you've
found it. Had a few questions:

1.      Did you balance to props, to get around the 'Jelo' issue?

2.      How have you found it for stability in hover, auto hover in relation
to using it with the goPro?

3.      How difficult does the lack of FPV make ti to use with the cameras?

Regards & 73's






Description: Description: cid:image001.gif at 01CC4D15.2676E5C0


T 61 2 9007 0977 | F 61 2 9007 0978 | M 61 4 1115 8231 


E VK2US at jbo.com.au | W www.vk2us.id <http://www.vk2us.id.au/> .au










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Just flew APRS on my quad copter 


VHF APRS 145.175 MHz 


1 Watt 




- Andrew VK4TEC - 

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