[OZAPRS] Melbourne Digipeater Coverage change.

Richard Hoskin rhoskin at bigpond.com
Sat Nov 24 22:37:19 EST 2012



The Mt Dandenong Digi VK3RMD-1 has been servicing the eastern and southern
suburbs of greater Melbourne at its current site for over 10 years now.
Unfortunately the site owner has decided to sell the site (as house block I
believe) so I'm forced to turn off and remove VK3RMD-1 from service on

This will substantially reduce APRS coverage in the eastern areas of greater
Melbourne and parts of Geelong etc. APRS RF coverage will be provided by
VK3CV-1 on Mt Macedon which struggles to cover some areas of fare east


I'm looking for a new site on Mt Dandenong for VK3RMD-1 and if I find one
I'll re-install the digi.


In the mean time if you notice your APRS coverage disappear and wish to
temporarily assist you could activate a Receive Only IGate at your QTH. I'm
sure other hams would appreciate it.






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