[OZAPRS] Filling in a black hole.

Justin Albury justin at jacomms.com
Sun Mar 4 23:20:47 EST 2012

Hell to you all.

I am after advice for setting up APRS IGATE & Digipeaters.

This will be to fill in the big Black Hole between Mittagong, Goulburn, ½ way to Yass from Goulburn and Lake George.
These are all locations that have very limited access to other stations.
I would like to Setup a IGATE on a Linux server to pass all the data to and from the internet

VK2RHR < - - - > VK2RGN < - - - > VK2TDB

RGN can see both RHR &TDB
HJA(IGATE Location) can see RGN

I would like to set the system up to not increase traffic on RGI or any Sydney Digi's but push all the traffic back through the local IGATE.

Thanks in advance


Justin - VK2HJA

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