[OZAPRS] ./get-BOMdata

David djmunn at bigpond.com
Sat Mar 3 17:15:52 EST 2012

On 03/03/12 13:13, Ray Wells wrote:
> Geoff,
> Have just compiled xastir to take advantage of your script. However, 
> when I run "sudo ./get-BOMdata" I get the following error...
> .: 45: Can't open ./values
> If I create the directory /.../src/xastir/scripts/values the script 
> fails silently.
> Any ideas?
> Ray vk2tv
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Hi Ray....try sudo ./get-BOM data...you have to be root to be able to 
get the data and for it to be put in the right dir..sorry i see you did
I have found that you still need the old c,z,mz files in the Counties 
dir and the old dbfawk files in the config dir so that you get the 
qld,wa and nt alerts to show on map

i did a update by using ./update-xastir from the scripts dir
then sudo ./get-BOMdata and got all the new data....
saw the vic nsw sa alterts on the map but in nt qld and wa i only got the
icon and  ??_FLW when i added the old data files and dbfawk files i got 
all the alert i got the rest of the coloured alert areas

sorry i cant be of more help

73 David VK4BDJ

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