[OZAPRS] Yaesu VX8GR performance?

Tony Hunt wavetel at internode.on.net
Thu Aug 2 22:03:00 EST 2012

Fellas here is a repost of a message I put on the VX_8R Yahoo Group a couple 
of years ago about this.
I dont know if the service menu is the same in the GR R or DR radios but I 
imagine they are similar.
Note the settings in the menus before and after. These may be a guide for 

Here is a copy of what I posted on the subject last year Sept 8 2009

APRS deviation and lack of good tracking from VX8

I posted a message along these lines a few posts back on this list but it 
really a reply to an existing thread. So I will repost this question and 
make a
point or two as I suspect it didnt really get a look in. Just downloaded the 
alignment PDF . Just while we are looking at it. Is there a way to increase 
APRS/PAcket deviation?

Mine is a bit low. Its under 2Khz and is the reason I suspect that my VX8 
not get copied very reliably by the local network. Something closer to 2.5 
even 3Khz would be better.


Since that post Ive got into the alignment menu and increased the 2m 

This was set at 132 in the menu and now is 160. The APRS packet deviation 
about 1.5 Khz. I found that increasing the TXdelay to 1000mS temporarily 
get a good reading on the deviation meter during the checks. Now the 
on APRS is around 3Khz and it seems that I get a better response out of the 
network. To me 1.5 Khz was always too low for decent packet functionality.

The consequences on 2m voice now however are that the deviation is able to 
pushed as far as 6Khz if I really yell into the handheld at close range. The
same for the hand Mic. So I will need to be mindful of this. I dont use the
radio on 2m voice as a rule anyway.

I think its a matter of striking a compromise between voice deviation and 
deviation on this one. I would be interested to see what deviation others 
measured on APRS. I would also be interested to know if there is a separate
adjustment for the TNC/PAcket deviation somewhere.

Ive seen some posts on here from operators that are struggling to understand 
their VX8 does not work that well in the mobile even with external antennas. 
seen others blame the lower power of the VX8 as compared to other trakers 
D700s etc. I am not convinced on these points and I am more inclined to 
the lack of deviation. It certainly seems that was the case for me.

Tony VK5AH

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> Andrew. There is nothing wrong with the Format of the packets as such. 
> Thats
> like saying its not APRS standard compliant.
> I have a VX8R here. The issue with the 8R is the lack of deviation. Some
> Digis/TNC combos are not giving a reliable decode because of the lack of
> Audio (tone level) reaching the TNCs discriminator input.
> I found with the VX8R that I could get into the service menu and bump up 
> the
> VHF deviation/audio level. This worked a treat and improved the decode no
> end. The one drawback was that it also bumped up the level on voice. Its a
> single adjustment. So the trick is a compromise between the two and to
> remember not to yell into the microphone when using 2m voice. If your 
> happy
> with that then fine. Personally I find it a bit disappointing but at least
> its possible to get something going as a work around with this problem.
> It becomes a real pain if your travelling around the country and have it 
> all
> working and tested ok at home with your local network and you drive
> interstate and find that your APRS really lacks and does not track very 
> well
> if at all. The deviation is that marginal and works ok in some situations
> and in others it will refuse to work at all. Just bump up the deviation 
> and
> its all sorted.
> Tony Hunt  VK5AH
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>> hello all
>> does anyone have a VX8gr, and how do they find it performs on aprs in oz?
>> ive read that some digipeaters do not like its format?? but haven't been
>> able to find anything specific?  see below.
>> **
>> VX-8GR APRS notes
>> We have found that some TNCs
>> won't work properly, or at all, with the VX-8GR when in APRS mode.
>> This is apparently due to the VX-8GR's format being different to other
>> Yaesu transceivers' format/s.
>> Fortunately, a customer recently told us his Tiny Track 4 TNC works
>> excellently with his VX-8GR.
>> Other similar format/design TNCs may work excellently, too.
>> **
>> looking for a new handheld, and this might achieve a couple of tasks in
>> one package.. as long as it plays nicely with australian aprs networks..
>> thanks
>> vk3bq
>> Andrew Scott

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