[OZAPRS] Yaesu VX8GR performance?

Andy Nguyen an at comms.net.au
Wed Aug 15 11:16:24 EST 2012

I did some comparison test with a Kenwood D710 and that worked perfectly.

- With the same 5W power and antenna only the Kenwood could trigger the Digipeaters. The VX8DR was just ignored
- The D710 can decode the the VX8DR OK
- The VX8DR can decode the digipeaters OK

So there is definitely an issue with the degipeaters receiving APRS from the Yaesu VX8 handhelds.


On 02/08/2012, at 10:03 PM, Tony Hunt wrote:

> Fellas here is a repost of a message I put on the VX_8R Yahoo Group a couple of years ago about this.
> I dont know if the service menu is the same in the GR R or DR radios but I imagine they are similar.
> Note the settings in the menus before and after. These may be a guide for you.
> Here is a copy of what I posted on the subject last year Sept 8 2009
> APRS deviation and lack of good tracking from VX8
> I posted a message along these lines a few posts back on this list but it was
> really a reply to an existing thread. So I will repost this question and make a
> point or two as I suspect it didnt really get a look in. Just downloaded the VX8
> alignment PDF . Just while we are looking at it. Is there a way to increase the
> APRS/PAcket deviation?
> Mine is a bit low. Its under 2Khz and is the reason I suspect that my VX8 does
> not get copied very reliably by the local network. Something closer to 2.5 or
> even 3Khz would be better.
> Clip
> Since that post Ive got into the alignment menu and increased the 2m deviation.
> This was set at 132 in the menu and now is 160. The APRS packet deviation was
> about 1.5 Khz. I found that increasing the TXdelay to 1000mS temporarily helped
> get a good reading on the deviation meter during the checks. Now the deviation
> on APRS is around 3Khz and it seems that I get a better response out of the APRS
> network. To me 1.5 Khz was always too low for decent packet functionality.
> The consequences on 2m voice now however are that the deviation is able to be
> pushed as far as 6Khz if I really yell into the handheld at close range. The
> same for the hand Mic. So I will need to be mindful of this. I dont use the
> radio on 2m voice as a rule anyway.
> I think its a matter of striking a compromise between voice deviation and packet
> deviation on this one. I would be interested to see what deviation others have
> measured on APRS. I would also be interested to know if there is a separate
> adjustment for the TNC/PAcket deviation somewhere.
> Ive seen some posts on here from operators that are struggling to understand why
> their VX8 does not work that well in the mobile even with external antennas. Ive
> seen others blame the lower power of the VX8 as compared to other trakers and
> D700s etc. I am not convinced on these points and I am more inclined to blame
> the lack of deviation. It certainly seems that was the case for me.
> Tony VK5AH
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>> Andrew. There is nothing wrong with the Format of the packets as such. Thats
>> like saying its not APRS standard compliant.
>> I have a VX8R here. The issue with the 8R is the lack of deviation. Some
>> Digis/TNC combos are not giving a reliable decode because of the lack of
>> Audio (tone level) reaching the TNCs discriminator input.
>> I found with the VX8R that I could get into the service menu and bump up the
>> VHF deviation/audio level. This worked a treat and improved the decode no
>> end. The one drawback was that it also bumped up the level on voice. Its a
>> single adjustment. So the trick is a compromise between the two and to
>> remember not to yell into the microphone when using 2m voice. If your happy
>> with that then fine. Personally I find it a bit disappointing but at least
>> its possible to get something going as a work around with this problem.
>> It becomes a real pain if your travelling around the country and have it all
>> working and tested ok at home with your local network and you drive
>> interstate and find that your APRS really lacks and does not track very well
>> if at all. The deviation is that marginal and works ok in some situations
>> and in others it will refuse to work at all. Just bump up the deviation and
>> its all sorted.
>> Tony Hunt  VK5AH
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>>> hello all
>>> does anyone have a VX8gr, and how do they find it performs on aprs in oz?
>>> ive read that some digipeaters do not like its format?? but haven't been
>>> able to find anything specific?  see below.
>>> **
>>> VX-8GR APRS notes
>>> We have found that some TNCs
>>> won't work properly, or at all, with the VX-8GR when in APRS mode.
>>> This is apparently due to the VX-8GR's format being different to other
>>> Yaesu transceivers' format/s.
>>> Fortunately, a customer recently told us his Tiny Track 4 TNC works
>>> excellently with his VX-8GR.
>>> Other similar format/design TNCs may work excellently, too.
>>> **
>>> looking for a new handheld, and this might achieve a couple of tasks in
>>> one package.. as long as it plays nicely with australian aprs networks..
>>> thanks
>>> vk3bq
>>> Andrew Scott
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