[OZAPRS] Strange APRS packets

Damien Gardner Jnr vk2tdg at gmail.com
Mon Dec 26 19:40:48 EST 2011

I'm guessing that you're referring to the 'duplicate position packet'
messages?  You didn't actually say what the 'strange behaviour' actually was
That would appear to be a problem upstream from .au, as it's *not* appearing
on the second.aprs.net.au data stream..  Check out
http://hamtrack.pinegap.net/stationdump.php?stationid=42434 for your raw
packet dump for the last 24 hours - you'll see that there were no duplicates
in there, so any 'duplicates' that aprs.fi may have seen, were in the global
network, not .au..


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Anyone else noticed strange behavior on the APRS system here,

Have a look at the raw packets on VK4zf-9 on aprs.fi At first I thoughht
there was something wrong with the setup in this car.

However if you look at vk4zf-7, it has the same problem.This is a completely
different car and radio.
I have noticed it also on other mobiles.

If you watch the tracks on aprs.fi the positions are all over the place.

What is going on?


David G. Hopkins (VK4ZF)
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