[OZAPRS] APRS with Foundation license

Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Tue Oct 5 14:12:59 EST 2010


If we're talking about the aprs-is the connection requires a callsign 
and a passcode, specific to that callsign to be able to upload data, 
it's not open slather.

This raises an interesting thought. If a foundation licencee gives 
his/her callsign in order to obtain a passcode so they can access the 
aprs-is, how can they then pretend they are not an amateur station when 
accessing that service by ANY means, including non-RF methods, to avoid 
LCD limitations?

If we consider the amateur "callsign" as an object, it still needs to be 
uploaded by a validated amateur callsign.

I don't see having to block every Foundation callsign from going to RF 
as a serious issue because most gateway station put very little internet 
traffic out on RF. There is simply too much traffic to even contemplate 
this. However, if a local foundation licencee decided to play aprs I 
would block that callsign on the local digi and my gateway to protect my 
own licence and the digi licence, if the Fxxx operator failed to heed 
friendly advice.

We need to understand that the majority of Foundation Licencees are 
doing the right thing and, operators like Andrew, VK5FMAC, are trying to 
do the right thing by asking first. Thank you, Andrew.

Putting things into perspective, there have been very few Fxxx operators 
who have simply disregarded the LCD. It's no different to when the 
Novice Licence was first introduced  - some operators disregarded the regs.

Perhaps there is a training issue here and trainees should be advised 
what data transmissions are and, highlight packet and aprs as data modes.

Education is the key.

Ray vk2tv

On 05/10/10 14:41, Paul wrote:
> Hi All,
> Just a thought but,
> Anyone can connect to a public internet aprs site and can use any name 
> they choose to identify themselves, after all the internet is public 
> domain and sites such as aprs.fi are available for everyone in general 
> to use, eg just look at all of the commecial shipping etc that you can 
> see on there. So no arguments there, but .....
> When a station uses their own personal VK amateur radio foundation 
> licence callsign, they ARE advertising themselves as a VK amateur 
> radio foundation station.
> The thought here, is this, firstly a non-VK amateur seeing a VK 
> amateur callsign will naturally assume the ststion is allowed to use 
> aprs, and this leads to problems with the second point, as 
> already highlighted by Richard and Ray.
> If a number of F calls were broadcasting using their ham f call 
> callsign by whatever method onto a website and their stations were 
> then being gated back to RF, and if the amateur responsible for an 
> Igate is also responsible for ensuring that an F call's callsign is 
> not gated from the internet through to RF (keep in mind how difficult 
> it would be to try to keep track of all the callsigns that can or can 
> not use aprs, from every country worldwide not just VK), then 
> following this train of thought, wouldn't the only option available, 
> to every Igate operator world wide, be to turn all the 
> Igates off ,           ........what would we have then?
> Paul, vk5vhf
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>     Seeking opinions on this scenario.
>     Foundation licence holder installs APRS app on their Iphone - this
>     will allow them to track, beacon and message into the APRS network.
>     Or, they install Xastir or a similar on a PC without any radio
>     attached.
>     Would either of these breech the LCD's pertaining to a Foundation
>     licence?
>     Steve VK2POO
>     On Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 9:41 AM, Andrew Macmichael
>     <bajdas at yahoo.com.au <mailto:bajdas at yahoo.com.au>> wrote:
>         Hi,
>         I am receiving different opinions to the following question
>         and I would appreciate your opinion please.
>         1/ Can Amateur Foundation license holders buy, install and
>         operate APRS for position reporting ?
>         2/ What frequencies can we, or cannot use ?
>         I suspect Foundation licenses can use 2m APRS frequencies, but
>         we cannot build the equipment. Thus the confusion.
>         Thanks,
>         Andrew Macmichael
>         VK5FMAC
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