Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Tue Mar 30 07:38:05 EST 2010


All of Australia is available in 1:250,000 topographic format from 
Geoscience Australia (www.ga.gov.au) and they are free. They're in ecw 
format and I still use Irfanview to convert them to jpg for xastir. I 
found they had file size issues and wouldn't load when I used them in 
UIView some years ago. I had to reduce their resolution for UIView. For 
xastir I cut each map into 0.5 degree x 0.5 degree tiles for faster 
loading. I guess that would have solved the UIView file size issue as 
well but I'd long abandoned UIView by then.

If you use xastir there's a perl script that ships with the sources (but 
which is readily available elsewhere), ozi2geo.pl, to create an xastir 
geo file for oziexplorer maps.

Can't help with the pda.

Ray vk2tv

Paul Mullins wrote:
> Hi all,
> have a question, does any body know where I might find some South 
> Australian maps to suit WinAPRS/APRS-CE/XASTIR would be nice to have a 
> set of maps for aprs-ce as it has some useful ideas like messaging and 
> others.
> Or does some one know where there might be a piece of software to make 
> maps, I have heaps of maps 1:50K, 1:250K, street level that I made ( 
> scanned in and calibrated on oziexplorer) It would be nice to beable to 
> use some of these types of maps on the pda?
> Any ideas or other software?
> cheers
> Paul

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