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David and Justine Olsen davejust at bigpond.net.au
Sat Mar 27 08:32:02 EST 2010

Surely smart beaconing set up appropriately would result in fewer  
transmissions that a set 2 min interval, and more meaningful position  
The problem is many don't understand how to use it

On 24/03/2010, at 12:00 AM, Tony Hunt wrote:

> Darryl,
> I am glad someone has made reference to the national web page on the  
> TT
> settings allready.
> I was really tempted to try and contact Stewart again . In the last  
> couple
> of days his beacons have been excessive at times from -15 back out  
> on 2m ..
> I imagine this is his HF setup being -15 .. 3 separate beacons in  
> less than
> a minute all nicely spready apart. He is a bit the same on 2m at  
> times also.
> Perhaps its just while he was testing. Ive recently emailed Paul  
> about some
> of his frames as well. We are all learning so I just encourage all  
> to have a
> real look at what your transmiting on air and how often. Using the  
> internet
> facilities like APRS.fi and Findu is not the way to check it. Paul for
> example has been transmitting a beacon quite frequently that is non  
> compliant and gets ignored by the internet servers and all the APRS  
> client
> software like Ui-view. So it truly is just junk value (pollution).
> I watch whats happening on air using programes like TSTHost for  
> Windows and
> Win-TNC . Looking at frames as they are sent and digied. Its really  
> amazing
> whats going to air. Frankly its time we had a good look at whats  
> comming out
> of the Igates as well as what our mobiles are transmitting. Simply put
> things are going to be changing.
> I use a D700 (no smart beaconing) when mobile with about 20w into a  
> half
> decent antenna in the metro area. I use a beacon rate of 2 mins in  
> the metro
> area as a rule. Ive been doing this for over 2 years now. The value  
> of smart
> beaconing is limited apart from it being a great way to dominate the
> frequency. One area smart beaconing is good is changing the beacon  
> rate when
> stationary. Corner pegging should be outlawed ! If your hoping to  
> track your
> vehicals down to the nearest 20m in the last 10 seconds on precision  
> maps
> then APRS and 2m/HF  is not the way to do it.
> Strong opionions like that aside back to your original question Darryl
> regards the 16km/Hr .. I cant find any reference to 16Km/Hr anywhere  
> on that
> web page. Where are you comming from on this? I suspect herin may  
> lie some
> of the misunderstanding . Did you convert one of the values on there  
> to
> metric ?
> I cant help but find the configs for these Tiny trackers are really
> unhelpful when they start using units like Knots. Miles an hour is bad
> enough when most of the world is metric but knots means little to  
> most of
> us.
> Tony VK5AH
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>> Richard Murnane wrote:
>>> Hi Darryl,
>>>> So, my question is what settings are people using for the  
>>>> straight line
>>>> smart beaconing parameters?
>>> The recommended settings can be found
>>> at http://www.aprs.net.au/category/national-categories/configuration
>> Max speed of 16kph? What is even the point of using smart beaconing  
>> with
>> that setting?
>> Regards
>> Darryl, VK5HZ(-9)
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