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Hi David and all,

This topic certainly warrants further discussion. The parameters given on 
the ozaprs website are really considered to be "safe"  parameters , setup to 
provide for our normally recognized beacon rates of 2mins on VHF and 10 Mins 
on HF. However as David and others have alluded to, Smart Beaconing when 
setup appropriately could be of benefit. Trouble is though,  working out not 
only what settings would be appropriate, but when they would be appropriate. 
For example , David  traveling outback somewhere could probably travel along 
relatively straight roads for many, possibly 100's of kms before making a 
significant turn, so during the long straight stretches smart beaconing 
could be configured so that the beacon rate is reduced significantly and 
corner pegging could be tightened up a bit providing a more acurate posit of 
a change in the direction of travel.  However , another scenario could be 
someone who drives around a lot in side streets in the city or perhaps 
through winding roads in the hills etc. . The set of smart beaconing 
parameters for this person may have to be different from the first example 
in order to provide some sort of channel efficiency.  So the point I'm 
making is that the smart beaconing parameters probably need to be tailored 
somewhat depending on the application. The fundamental point though is to 
ensure that on both HF and VHF,  we don't flood these common use 
frequency(s)  with too many posits. We could perhaps venture to discuss this 
further. Basically as to what our maximum beacon rates should be on VHF and 
HF during a specific time period rather than a set 2min 10min rate. We could 
look at an additional set of recommendations, something like a recommended 
maximum number of transmissions during a 1/2 hour period whilst mobile. Lets 
say for arguments sake,  on VHF  20 beacons per half hour and on  HF 5 
beacons per half hour whilst mobile.

Regards .. Andrew ... VK5EX

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> Surely smart beaconing set up appropriately would result in fewer
> transmissions that a set 2 min interval, and more meaningful position
> reports.
> The problem is many don't understand how to use it
> On 24/03/2010, at 12:00 AM, Tony Hunt wrote:
>> Darryl,
>> I am glad someone has made reference to the national web page on the
>> TT
>> settings allready.
>> I was really tempted to try and contact Stewart again . In the last
>> couple
>> of days his beacons have been excessive at times from -15 back out
>> on 2m ..
>> I imagine this is his HF setup being -15 .. 3 separate beacons in
>> less than
>> a minute all nicely spready apart. He is a bit the same on 2m at
>> times also.
>> Perhaps its just while he was testing. Ive recently emailed Paul
>> about some
>> of his frames as well. We are all learning so I just encourage all
>> to have a
>> real look at what your transmiting on air and how often. Using the
>> internet
>> facilities like APRS.fi and Findu is not the way to check it. Paul for
>> example has been transmitting a beacon quite frequently that is non
>> compliant and gets ignored by the internet servers and all the APRS
>> client
>> software like Ui-view. So it truly is just junk value (pollution).
>> I watch whats happening on air using programes like TSTHost for
>> Windows and
>> Win-TNC . Looking at frames as they are sent and digied. Its really
>> amazing
>> whats going to air. Frankly its time we had a good look at whats
>> comming out
>> of the Igates as well as what our mobiles are transmitting. Simply put
>> things are going to be changing.
>> I use a D700 (no smart beaconing) when mobile with about 20w into a
>> half
>> decent antenna in the metro area. I use a beacon rate of 2 mins in
>> the metro
>> area as a rule. Ive been doing this for over 2 years now. The value
>> of smart
>> beaconing is limited apart from it being a great way to dominate the
>> frequency. One area smart beaconing is good is changing the beacon
>> rate when
>> stationary. Corner pegging should be outlawed ! If your hoping to
>> track your
>> vehicals down to the nearest 20m in the last 10 seconds on precision
>> maps
>> then APRS and 2m/HF  is not the way to do it.
>> Strong opionions like that aside back to your original question Darryl
>> regards the 16km/Hr .. I cant find any reference to 16Km/Hr anywhere
>> on that
>> web page. Where are you comming from on this? I suspect herin may
>> lie some
>> of the misunderstanding . Did you convert one of the values on there
>> to
>> metric ?
>> I cant help but find the configs for these Tiny trackers are really
>> unhelpful when they start using units like Knots. Miles an hour is bad
>> enough when most of the world is metric but knots means little to
>> most of
>> us.
>> Tony VK5AH
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>>> Richard Murnane wrote:
>>>> Hi Darryl,
>>>>> So, my question is what settings are people using for the
>>>>> straight line
>>>>> smart beaconing parameters?
>>>> The recommended settings can be found
>>>> at http://www.aprs.net.au/category/national-categories/configuration
>>> Max speed of 16kph? What is even the point of using smart beaconing
>>> with
>>> that setting?
>>> Regards
>>> Darryl, VK5HZ(-9)
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