[OZAPRS] OZAPRS Digest, Vol 8, Issue 24 How Often is Too Often?

Tony Hunt wavetel at internode.on.net
Wed Mar 24 18:26:37 EST 2010

This post was originally about the question of How Often is Too Often? and I 
messed up the thread. Appologies for that.

Well corner pegging per say is not the real problem. Its really about 
excessive traffic agreed. Thats the actual problem.
If we go back to your original question "How Often is Too Often?" . The 
answer to that question would logically involve a unit of time in seconds or 
minutes one would expect.

Now with corner pegging the algorythms (or however you spell it) link 
direction-time-speed all together as a complex variable. So now the question 
you asked is like asking how long is a peice of string and saying the answer 
is in kilograms.

Unless you are really careful and understand Corner pegging and have a 
accurate way of measuring what your results are then be very careful with 
it. Relying on the network to digipeat and then the Internet servers to pass 
it the Findu and APRS.fi is not a measuring tool. As you have noticed out 
your way the network is not that brilliant with mobiles as yet. Services 
like Findu etc dont allways get and store the frames either (they get lost) 

Currently it looks like your running a fillin digi Darryl as 5HZ-2 and so is 
Paul for the last few days as 5VCO-1 but I am only going by his Symbol Icon 
as I have not seen any frames Digied through him to date. I am seeing you 
track up Salisbury highway at present with regular digipeats via 5TTY-1 
RHO-1 also RLH-1 at times. I have not seen any Digipeats from your digi 

Stuart is also running Telemetry frames with regularity from his mobile. Not 
sure if he is actually using/monitoring these at all.

Back to the 16Km/Hr point. The idea behind those sugested Tiny Traker setups 
was to create a good starting point as Scott pointed out. Also to take 
advantage of the ability to automatically change the beacon rate when 
mobile. Looking at the manual for the TT3 it says this.
SmartBeaconing Fast Speed, Fast Rate

This setting sets the SmartBeaconing fast speed (MPH) and rate (seconds). 
Speeds faster than the fast speed will cause

TinyTrak3 to beacon at the Fast Rate. Fast Speed must be set higher than 
Slow Speed.

So once your over 10MPH then the traker will change to beaconing every 120 
seconds in that example. Then you couple with that the setting in Minimum 
turn time because smart beaconing is enabled and the tracker is moving. 
Basically there will be times that the trakker beacons more regularly than 
120 seconds.

Tony Hunt VK5AH  wavetel at internode.on.net

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> Hi Tony,
>> I am glad someone has made reference to the national web page on the TT 
>> settings allready.
> Yeah, I should have probably searched before asking. I have just done a 
> couple of searches and the linked pages do show up fairly high in the 
> results.
> In regards to Stuart and Paul. Not sure what settings Stuart is running. 
> He did tell me Richard has been helping him through getting everything 
> running.
> Paul said he got your email and has made some changes. He discovered that 
> after doing a firmware upgrade on the TT4 that is had corrupted some of 
> the settings, so he's redone that and hopefully it is ok now.
>> Strong opionions like that aside back to your original question Darryl 
>> regards the 16km/Hr .. I cant find any reference to 16Km/Hr anywhere on 
>> that web page. Where are you comming from on this? I suspect herin may 
>> lie some of the misunderstanding . Did you convert one of the values on 
>> there to metric ?
> The config screenshot at on the TinyTrak 3 configuration page at 
> http://www.aprs.net.au/configuration/tiny-trak-3 shows a FAST SPEED of 
> 10MPH (=16kph).
> About smart beaconing, I guess it depends on what you want to get out of 
> the system. I'm not particularly interested in 20m accuracy, but I like to 
> know what roads I travel down. As an example, yesterday I saw a track on 
> aprs.fi that jumped from Main North Road / Montague Road to Bridge Road / 
> Kesters Road and from there jumped half way up the hill on McIntyre Road.
> I agree that we need to make sure there is no 'bad' data wasting 
> bandwidth, but after that, bandwidth not used is bandwidth wasted, it can 
> never be recovered. If there are no collisions, does it matter whether 
> someone corner pegs or only beacons once every 24 hours?
> Regards
> Darryl

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