[OZAPRS] OZAPRS Digest, Vol 8, Issue 24

Darryl Ross d at vk5hz.com
Wed Mar 24 11:24:49 EST 2010

Hi Tony,

> I am glad someone has made reference to the national web page on the TT 
> settings allready.

Yeah, I should have probably searched before asking. I have just done a 
couple of searches and the linked pages do show up fairly high in the 

In regards to Stuart and Paul. Not sure what settings Stuart is running. 
He did tell me Richard has been helping him through getting everything 

Paul said he got your email and has made some changes. He discovered 
that after doing a firmware upgrade on the TT4 that is had corrupted 
some of the settings, so he's redone that and hopefully it is ok now.

> Strong opionions like that aside back to your original question Darryl 
> regards the 16km/Hr .. I cant find any reference to 16Km/Hr anywhere on that 
> web page. Where are you comming from on this? I suspect herin may lie some 
> of the misunderstanding . Did you convert one of the values on there to 
> metric ?

The config screenshot at on the TinyTrak 3 configuration page at 
http://www.aprs.net.au/configuration/tiny-trak-3 shows a FAST SPEED of 
10MPH (=16kph).

About smart beaconing, I guess it depends on what you want to get out of 
the system. I'm not particularly interested in 20m accuracy, but I like 
to know what roads I travel down. As an example, yesterday I saw a track 
on aprs.fi that jumped from Main North Road / Montague Road to Bridge 
Road / Kesters Road and from there jumped half way up the hill on 
McIntyre Road.

I agree that we need to make sure there is no 'bad' data wasting 
bandwidth, but after that, bandwidth not used is bandwidth wasted, it 
can never be recovered. If there are no collisions, does it matter 
whether someone corner pegs or only beacons once every 24 hours?


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