[OZAPRS] Nowra VK2MPJ-1 status and a question about TX igate?

Damien Gardner Jnr rendrag at rendrag.net
Thu Mar 18 10:23:53 EST 2010

On 18/03/2010, at 10:06 AM, The Shack by the Beach wrote:
> Peter,
> Any update on the Nowra digi, it's been MIA for a while now :( ?
> My digi is still configured as a wide to compensate, however I have  
> very intermittent direct access to vk2amw-1 due to Saddleback  
> Mountain blocking me which means I get 99% of my traffic from  
> vk2amw-2 down at Batemans Bay. Due to the number of hops it takes to  
> get to me via amw-2, there are usually no more hops left so although  
> I receive the packets via amw-2 my digi doesn't re-transmit them as  
> there is nothing left to tx. I could get around this by turning my  
> current RX igate into a TX igate, but that may cause collision  
> issues as I do hear and I am heard a few times a day by vk2amw-1 and  
> vk1rgi-1.
> Geoff, do you see any issues if my current RX igate was configured  
> as a TX igate?

I'm sure Geoff will have an authorative answer, but afaik, the aprs  
servers do a bit of de-duping?  I know when I was positing from home  
testing the D7 with the new 30W amp on the workbench (so into the 9db  
collinear on the mast), I was hearing myself back six times, yet only  
seeing one, packet appear on the 'net - sometimes showing as coming  
via gosford, sometimes via taree - so I'm assuming that was the aprs  
servers de-duping the packets coming in (and being bloody annoying for  
my path mapping for digis..)



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