[OZAPRS] OZAPRS Digest, Vol 6, Issue 44

Howard Small howard at small.com.au
Thu Jan 28 12:36:24 EST 2010

Hi Rob

I have not received mine yet but one of the guys here had his digi and
tracker delivered in four days! I have been working with him getting his
digi up and running and it performs fine - just remember it is a fill-in

Yes they are cheap - I ordered my digi ready built as it seemed hardly worth
saving the $10 and having to do it myself. I guess it is all relative,
probably some guy in India with a chair and a soldering iron thinks it is
Christmas to get AUD10 for populating a board. I think Dinesh's philosophy
is great and he is producing some interesting kits. If I interpret it
correctly, he is a ship's radio officer and probably does some of his design
work while at sea.

I sent him some questions and got rapid replies a couple of weeks back.
Others have complained it is hard to get info from him. I suspect this could
be due to him being at sea for extended periods...

Anyway, at the prices you can easily afford to buy one just to experiment
and if it is not up to expectations you have probably got value for your
money out of just playing with it.

I will report back on the DM2550/Foxdigi combination once it is up and
running. By the way, I built up the 12-24V/10.8V regulator that is on the NZ
site. It works fine but rather than put it in the DM2550 case I will have it
external in a little box - when built it is only about 1cm x 2cm


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