Rob - VK6LD vk6ld at sjr.com.au
Wed Jan 27 21:15:21 EST 2010

Hi Kiely & David,

Thanks for your feedback on the DM2550's. Will try and pick one up to
some testing & experiementation with.



orana> Just don't use them on a digi I know one club that got 4 of them to give
orana> to a 4 port APRS igate/digi station and all have now stopped

orana> The power block is to lite

orana> re info on them try

orana> http://www.qsl.net/zl1vk/Maxon.html

orana> Hi Rob,
orana> I bought a few two years ago and only ever used one. It was pre 
orana> programmed with the APRS frequencies before it came.
orana> I coupled it up with a TT3 and linear amp to give about 30W output.

orana> I used it for a couple of years without any problems in one of my 
orana> cars until I replaced it with a Kenwood.

orana> I then gave the unit to Phil vk4hpw to use.

orana> If you see VK4HPW-9 driving around in the country that is the unit. 
orana> Its still going well without any problems.
orana> All in all I was happy with the unit.

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