[OZAPRS] DM2550 data radio

Rob - VK6LD vk6ld at sjr.com.au
Wed Jan 27 21:11:31 EST 2010

Hello Howard,

Thanks for the info on the DM2550's.

Out of interest, how do you find the Fox Delta products? The prices
of their products do seem quite cheap. Any compatibility issues?

Are delivery times OK?



orana> I bought one some years back but only got it out of the box last week. It is
orana> running fine and was already programmed to 145.175 on channel 1 and 144.800
orana> on channel 2. As I understand it there is programming software available but
orana> I have not had to use it.

orana> I am expecting a Fox Delta mini digi this week which I will pair up with the
orana> DM 2550 and use as a fill-in digi. I expect it should work fine but will
orana> post the results when it is done.

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