[OZAPRS] Help needed please.

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Ron and all,

All serial ports are not equal... many laptops do not use the full + / - 12v swing (often only 0 to +5V) of the specification and that can cause problems. I'm not sure of the particular situation with the TT4, but back when I used a 'Digital Equipment' laptop with the origianl TT I used a 'buffer' constructed by back to backing a 1488 and 1489 (remembering that each stage is actually an inverter, you need to feed a reciever into a transmitter for both the TX and RX lines, but in the oposite direction). You could try a MAX232 or similar.


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        I haven't had the problem with the TT4, as I'm not quite up to your stage yet.

        But I have had the same trouble with the TT3 Plus Congf file  on a laptop PC. The only thing I could put it down to is the XP on the laptop PC, I was using has a 'bug' or 'problem' in the software some where and it manifests it like this. 

        What caused me to think this was a friend had no trouble with the same XP and laptop PC brand, so I got hold of another older laptop 'Toshiba' set things up and ......... never looked like being a problem, worked every time,,,,

        So I would suggest, set up another PC and give it go!  Old saying "no cheek no fruitcake....."

        When it comes time to run the my TT4, I hope all will be OK, has been so far with the TT4 software. I have the TT4 Desplay as well but want to understand the TT4 before bringing them together.

        All the best


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          Hello all.

          Wonder if anyone in Melbournes Eastern suburbs might have set up / played around with a Tiny Trak 4 and got it working successfully ?

          I seem to be having a bit of a problem with my Windows box and although I seem to have sorted out and installed the Alpha firmware, every time I go to the config file and look for a port it tells me that the TT 4 is not found. I have looked in device manager and it tells me that the TT 4 port ( 5 ) is working properly but no matter what I do I just cannot seem to configure the TT 4.

          Just looking for someone who has " been there, done that " who can help me out with what might only be a " finger " problem on my part as I cannot seem to be putting my own finger on the right pulse.

          Any help would be very much appreciated.

          Many thanks.


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