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Sun Mar 29 09:50:34 EST 2009


Great to see some intense activity on HF APRS here :)

The Blue Mountains ARC is conducting a trip in August out to Poeppels Corner
(corner of VK5 and VK4), and one of the major modes that will be used on
that trip is going to be HF APRS.  The trip will involve several 4x4's,
Bikes and even a Model Helicopter or two (fitted with 2.4GHz CCTV and an
APRS tracker)

There will be a special setup in place to take VHF APRS signals from the
convoy and "reverse gate" them to HF (The VHF setups will all be configured
with HF parameters, and the mobile gateway will be set up to comply with the
HF setup)

I'm following the discussion on bands and gates fairly closely, as I'm
trying to work out which band would be the best to conduct this trip on.
The team do a lot of work on 40m voice, but I had recommended 30m for
APRS... at the time there were no 40m gates :)

I'd like to start building up a reasonably accurate list of HF Gateways for
VK/ZL - The information on the website is still not quite there yet

Would the various HF Gate operators mind responding with their setup, e.g.
- Band
- Callsign
- Location
- Fulltime/Part Time/On Request

This will help us in 
a) updating the website
b) planning for the BMARC trip

BTW I was listening to 7036.5 last night and could hear a couple of packet
stations here in Sydney, but I don't have any TNC connected at the moment.
There was a fair bit of splatter across that frequency from adjacent voice

Geoff  VK2XJG

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