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Sun Mar 29 09:59:32 EST 2009

Hi Geoff

When will you be in the Simpson? I will be there in June.

> - Band 40m
> - Callsign VK4MDX-4
> - Location Townsville QLD
> - Fulltime/Part Time/On Request Fulltime

No digipeating just iGate, Rx only, no beacon, though that may change  

Also if I can work out how to Rx satellites successfully I plan to do  
that as well.



On 29 Mar 2009, at 08:50, Geoff wrote:

> Folks,
> Great to see some intense activity on HF APRS here :)
> The Blue Mountains ARC is conducting a trip in August out to  
> Poeppels Corner
> (corner of VK5 and VK4), and one of the major modes that will be  
> used on
> that trip is going to be HF APRS.  The trip will involve several  
> 4x4's,
> Bikes and even a Model Helicopter or two (fitted with 2.4GHz CCTV  
> and an
> APRS tracker)
> There will be a special setup in place to take VHF APRS signals  
> from the
> convoy and "reverse gate" them to HF (The VHF setups will all be  
> configured
> with HF parameters, and the mobile gateway will be set up to comply  
> with the
> HF setup)
> I'm following the discussion on bands and gates fairly closely, as I'm
> trying to work out which band would be the best to conduct this  
> trip on.
> The team do a lot of work on 40m voice, but I had recommended 30m for
> APRS... at the time there were no 40m gates :)
> I'd like to start building up a reasonably accurate list of HF  
> Gateways for
> VK/ZL - The information on the website is still not quite there yet
> (http://www.aprs.net.au/hf_frequencies.php)
> Would the various HF Gate operators mind responding with their  
> setup, e.g.
> - Band
> - Callsign
> - Location
> - Fulltime/Part Time/On Request
> This will help us in
> a) updating the website
> b) planning for the BMARC trip
> BTW I was listening to 7036.5 last night and could hear a couple of  
> packet
> stations here in Sydney, but I don't have any TNC connected at the  
> moment.
> There was a fair bit of splatter across that frequency from  
> adjacent voice
> nets.
> Thanks,
> Geoff  VK2XJG
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