[OZAPRS] Alice Springs & VK8 APRS

Ian Bennett ibennett at tpg.com.au
Thu Dec 10 07:23:58 EST 2009

	I went up Hay River and then back across the Simpson Desert in July. My HF 
APRS is on 30m and feedback from friends and relatives was it was like 
watching us within city limits.
	30m is particularly well served with IGATEs and I managed posits in through 
VK2TV-4, VK4UN-4, VK4DMI-4, VK7DIK-4, VK8AB-4 and ZL3REW. I even managed a 
few in through N8OVD which is located south of Lafayette in Louisiana in the 
US; some 15000Kms!!!
	My HF APRS setup consists of a home made whip connected to a Wagner 1729 with 
a OpenTracker buried inside.
	The Wagner is a crystal controlled, 50W commercial radio used by the SES many 
years ago (70's and 80's I think). Originally designed to operate up to 7MHz, 
a mate coaxed the  one I have to go up as far as 10M for APRS. For photos of 
my setup (and how I got there) see here:
	I was watching the BMARC expedition but the track stopped at Birdsville. I 
subsequently found out that their "gateway" vehicle suffered a major 
mechanical failure. No idea why but I suspect they may have been travelling a 
bit quick since bikes can go a lot faster than cars in that terrain.


On Thu, 10 Dec 2009 01:00:54 Andrew Gilbett wrote:
> Hi All,
> Next year I shall be walking the Larapinta Trail from Alice Springs to
> Mt Sonder in the West MacDonnell Ranges (about 223km). I am interested
> to show my progress on the internet to friends and family also of
> course fellow amateurs via RF. I am wondering whether there is any
> kind of IGate near Alice Springs as the website does not seem to
> mention one or if there is someone who may be willing to host one?
> Also I am interested in peoples experiences with using HF APRS, I
> remember that a particular group had a number of motor bikes using VHF
> APRS being gated to HF in a vehicle. There shall be a support vehicle
> that we shall visit every couple of days and shall be usually within
> 50km of the walking group.
> I have some ideas about how I shall go about this which I shall share
> soon as its a little late right now...
> I am currently working out the feasibility of this, so comments and
> ideas are welcome.
> Thanks :-)
> Andrew Gilbett
> andrew.gilbett at gmail.com
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