[OZAPRS] Alice Springs & VK8 APRS

David and Justine Olsen davejust at bigpond.net.au
Thu Dec 10 07:33:07 EST 2009


That's impressive. If only I could Tx on 30m....must finish that  
advanced call.


On 10 Dec 2009, at 06:23, Ian Bennett wrote:

> Andrew,
> 	I went up Hay River and then back across the Simpson Desert in  
> July. My HF
> APRS is on 30m and feedback from friends and relatives was it was like
> watching us within city limits.
> 	30m is particularly well served with IGATEs and I managed posits  
> in through
> VK2TV-4, VK4UN-4, VK4DMI-4, VK7DIK-4, VK8AB-4 and ZL3REW. I even  
> managed a
> few in through N8OVD which is located south of Lafayette in  
> Louisiana in the
> US; some 15000Kms!!!
> 	My HF APRS setup consists of a home made whip connected to a  
> Wagner 1729 with
> a OpenTracker buried inside.
> 	The Wagner is a crystal controlled, 50W commercial radio used by  
> the SES many
> years ago (70's and 80's I think). Originally designed to operate  
> up to 7MHz,
> a mate coaxed the  one I have to go up as far as 10M for APRS. For  
> photos of
> my setup (and how I got there) see here:
> http://www.facebook.com/album.php? 
> aid=2014987&id=1097597881&l=7a1630233a
> 	I was watching the BMARC expedition but the track stopped at  
> Birdsville. I
> subsequently found out that their "gateway" vehicle suffered a major
> mechanical failure. No idea why but I suspect they may have been  
> travelling a
> bit quick since bikes can go a lot faster than cars in that terrain.
> Ian
> On Thu, 10 Dec 2009 01:00:54 Andrew Gilbett wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> Next year I shall be walking the Larapinta Trail from Alice  
>> Springs to
>> Mt Sonder in the West MacDonnell Ranges (about 223km). I am  
>> interested
>> to show my progress on the internet to friends and family also of
>> course fellow amateurs via RF. I am wondering whether there is any
>> kind of IGate near Alice Springs as the website does not seem to
>> mention one or if there is someone who may be willing to host one?
>> Also I am interested in peoples experiences with using HF APRS, I
>> remember that a particular group had a number of motor bikes using  
>> VHF
>> APRS being gated to HF in a vehicle. There shall be a support vehicle
>> that we shall visit every couple of days and shall be usually within
>> 50km of the walking group.
>> I have some ideas about how I shall go about this which I shall share
>> soon as its a little late right now...
>> I am currently working out the feasibility of this, so comments and
>> ideas are welcome.
>> Thanks :-)
>> Andrew Gilbett
>> andrew.gilbett at gmail.com
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