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I got your mail via Grant yesterday - No idea why the qrz.com one bounced..


As the others have mentioned, the way to do this is definitely set up a WIDE
digipeater at the repeater site, your best bet would be an FM828 and TNC2
running UIDigi firmware - that way you are standardized with the rest of the
digipeaters in VK.  

The IGate you would run from home, or anywhere with Internet access and
enough RF coverage to get to the digipeater.  The IGate needs to run a
proper APRS-IS client, eg UIView, Xastir or if it's only going to be a
'headless' IGate run javAPRSSrvr.


You can't just connect to the APRS server IP's and send the data from the
TNC in - it has to be reformatted into the APRS-IS format, which adds IGate
headers and loop detection fields and more...



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On 05/12/2009, at 12:30 AM, Steve Page wrote:

I have acquired or have access to the following equipment. Tiny 
Tracker3, Tiny Tracker 4, a model BF-430 RS-232 to TCP/IP converter, 
NetComm N3G002W 3G router and a PCMCIA GSM? (2G) Modem. The NetComm 
Router, PCMCIA card and another BF-430 RS-232 to IP are already being 
successfully used in an AIS system almost exactly what I am trying to 
achieve except the AIS system uses a receiver on 161 and 162 Mhz. rather 
then 145.175 Mhz.






Seriously, thats just fantastic :)


Although I hate to point out what seems to be the bleedingly obvious, and
may have already been discarded for some reason..


Why are you trying to put the igate on the repeater site??  The usual way to
do it, is setup a WIDE digi at your repeater site, and then just have the
igate *somewhere* within reception range of the digi..  - that way it can
live at your house, and you don't have to worry about getting data out over
expensive 3G, or having all that complicationg in a shack on a hill that you
might not be able to get to easily (the VK1 WIDE isn't accessible half the
year..).  I'm pretty sure every state runs their iGate from a ham's
house/place of work, rather than putting it up on the mountain :)  Although
seems a shame to do away with that awesome setup you've cobbled together! :)


As gavin said, you'll need to login to the APRS server after connecting (and
please use the rotate.aprs.net.au hostname rather than an IP address -
otherwise you're going to have to go for a drive up the hill when the IP of
the server you're using changes! - and being on 3G, I'd probably have it set
a filter that sends you pretty much nothing (basically just want you want to
send out onto RF), to keep your downloaded data down.  Bear in mind a
standard VK/ZL feed from one of the .aprs.net.au servers is ~300bytes/sec on
average (6kbytes/sec average for the last hour on second, with 21 clients),
which works out around 700mbytes/month of downloaded data on the normal
VK/ZL feed..







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