[OZAPRS] Philips FM828 crystals

Peter Mudie peter at mudiefamily.org
Sat Aug 15 22:17:58 EST 2009

At 09:59 PM 15/08/2009, Gavin Rogers wrote:
>Peter Mudie wrote:
>>I have like Ray tried others, and always ended up back at HY-Q!
>>$40 seems a bit steep or is that including shipping?
>Thanks Ray and Peter. It would seem there's little argument (and Ray 
>has been using Hy-Q since before I was born :-) ) - Hy-Q are worth it.
>The price I got for each crystal was $39.49 inc GST with $11 
>postage. That is "random guy who's querying us off the Internet" 
>pricing I suppose.

Hi Gavin,

Ok methinks I'm getting slightly better pricing, probably due to my 
past history and work ordering, and that also I'm on the heels of my 
father who's been ordering from them for probably as long as Ray if 
not a little more.


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