[OZAPRS] Philips FM828 crystals

Ray Wells vk2tv at exemail.com.au
Sun Aug 16 08:48:49 EST 2009

Peter Mudie wrote:
> At 09:59 PM 15/08/2009, Gavin Rogers wrote:
>> Peter Mudie wrote:
>>> I have like Ray tried others, and always ended up back at HY-Q!
>>> $40 seems a bit steep or is that including shipping?
>> Thanks Ray and Peter. It would seem there's little argument (and Ray 
>> has been using Hy-Q since before I was born :-) ) - Hy-Q are worth it.
>> The price I got for each crystal was $39.49 inc GST with $11 postage. 
>> That is "random guy who's querying us off the Internet" pricing I 
>> suppose.
> Hi Gavin,
> Ok methinks I'm getting slightly better pricing, probably due to my 
> past history and work ordering, and that also I'm on the heels of my 
> father who's been ordering from them for probably as long as Ray if 
> not a little more.
> Thanks
> Peter.
I guess I'm sharing Peter's boat, having dealt with them through my 
previous employer for many years, and having my own business account 
since 1993.

My introduction to Hy-Q was about 1972/73 when Peter's dad, Ross vk2zrq, 
arranged a bulk buy for radio club members for their AWA valve 
carphones, when the club installed its first (all valve) voice repeater, 
vk2rag, which Ross built, including an all TTL logic controller that 
occupied numerous cards, all of which was Vero Board. The TTL morse 
generator was a work of art, with its diode matrix for callsign 
selection. No PICs back then.

To comment on one of Peter's remarks, I've had no trouble purchasing 
single crystals for Codan HF transceivers. The last rock cost about $31 
including express post. Perhaps there's been a price increase. That $31 
figure had been consistent for many years.

Ray vk2tv
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