[OZAPRS] BMARC Expedition to Poeppels Corner

Geoff geoff at gatwards.org
Sat Aug 1 17:29:46 EST 2009



The planned Expedition by several Blue Mountains ARC members to Poeppels
Corner is coming up fast - the group leave Sydney on 29 August for a 15 day
trip out to the corner of VK4, VK5 and VK8.  


There will be a convoy of 4x4's and motorbikes, a few of which will be
carrying APRS trackers.  Whilst some of the 4x4's will have HF APRS
capability, most of the trackers will be 2m VHF units - especially the


For this trip, a special non-standard setup has been put together,
consisting of a "Reverse HF Gate come IGate".

This system is a laptop running Linux, with both digi_ned and javAPRSSrvr
configured, to gate the 2m posits to the Internet when within mobile 3G Data
coverage, or to HF when beyond the range of the mobile phone network.  The
Reverse HF Gate will only accept a special digi alias, so it will not
inadvertently gate everyone to HF if the convoy travels through an existing
VHF coverage area.


We will be configuring the trackers with HF parameters, so the beacon
intervals will be at 5-10 minutes, however to identify these "special"
stations, an SSID of -13 will be used.  (The standard HF mobiles will still
use -15 and regular paths).


The group are planning to use 40m for this trip, to allow all trackers to
operate under their own callsigns.

Could I please have a show of hands as to who would be able to operate their
HF Gates on 40m for the period 29/8 to 12/9 to help support this trip ?


More information about the trip can be found on the club's website -



Geoff  VK2XJG

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