[OZAPRS] BMARC Expedition to Poeppels Corner

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Sat Aug 1 20:17:24 EST 2009


The vk5ly-4 30m&40m hf igate is running 24/7 and should provide good 
coverage to Poeppels corner on 40m - I had excellent reception of Dave 
vk4mdx recent wanderings around the Simpson.

Cheers Larry vk5ly

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> Folks,
> The planned Expedition by several Blue Mountains ARC members to Poeppels
> Corner is coming up fast - the group leave Sydney on 29 August for a 15 
> day
> trip out to the corner of VK4, VK5 and VK8.
> There will be a convoy of 4x4's and motorbikes, a few of which will be
> carrying APRS trackers.  Whilst some of the 4x4's will have HF APRS
> capability, most of the trackers will be 2m VHF units - especially the
> bikes.
> For this trip, a special non-standard setup has been put together,
> consisting of a "Reverse HF Gate come IGate".
> This system is a laptop running Linux, with both digi_ned and javAPRSSrvr
> configured, to gate the 2m posits to the Internet when within mobile 3G 
> Data
> coverage, or to HF when beyond the range of the mobile phone network.  The
> Reverse HF Gate will only accept a special digi alias, so it will not
> inadvertently gate everyone to HF if the convoy travels through an 
> existing
> VHF coverage area.
> We will be configuring the trackers with HF parameters, so the beacon
> intervals will be at 5-10 minutes, however to identify these "special"
> stations, an SSID of -13 will be used.  (The standard HF mobiles will 
> still
> use -15 and regular paths).
> The group are planning to use 40m for this trip, to allow all trackers to
> operate under their own callsigns.
> Could I please have a show of hands as to who would be able to operate 
> their
> HF Gates on 40m for the period 29/8 to 12/9 to help support this trip ?
> More information about the trip can be found on the club's website -
> http://www.bmarc.org
> Thanks,
> Geoff  VK2XJG
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