[OZAPRS] Thank you

JandG touringaus at bigpond.com
Sat Nov 8 09:36:11 EST 2008

Thanks Geoff,

That explains it. However I was able to sent messages via ISS which made it 
back to an IGate and got to the recipient.

Therefore I would have thought that if an IGate can receive the message from 
ISS then a recipient in range of ISS should also be able to.



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> Gerard,
> Messages are not transmitted via the satellites.
> Only posit beacons from RF stations are gated INTO the APRS network -
> nothing from the network is gated to RF on the satellite frequencies (or 
> HF
> for that matter)
> To receive messaging you must be on the terrestrial VHF network in range 
> of
> an appropriately configured IGate.
> Regards,
> Geoff  VK2XJG
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> Just wanted to thank the attached callsigns for sending me the requested
> message starting with %.
> I never got them via ISS although I had a good path. I found your messages
> here: http://www2.findu.com/cgi-bin/msg.cgi?VK2JNG-9
> If not too much trouble try again at the next path. I will double check my
> settings.
> Message needs to start with   %hello this is a test message or something
> similar.
> Thanks again,
> Gerard
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