[OZAPRS] Thank you

Geoff geoff at gatwards.org
Sat Nov 8 09:24:26 EST 2008


Messages are not transmitted via the satellites.

Only posit beacons from RF stations are gated INTO the APRS network -
nothing from the network is gated to RF on the satellite frequencies (or HF
for that matter)

To receive messaging you must be on the terrestrial VHF network in range of
an appropriately configured IGate.

Geoff  VK2XJG

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Subject: [OZAPRS] Thank you

Just wanted to thank the attached callsigns for sending me the requested
message starting with %.

I never got them via ISS although I had a good path. I found your messages
here: http://www2.findu.com/cgi-bin/msg.cgi?VK2JNG-9

If not too much trouble try again at the next path. I will double check my

Message needs to start with   %hello this is a test message or something

Thanks again,

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