Mark Robinson VK4KMR vk4kmr at wia.org.au
Wed Mar 12 00:41:05 EST 2008

Hi All,

        I have been watching the VK3 APRS data for the last few hours and am
puzzled with all the different Digi symbols being used. Star with a W, E, S
& T are a few. Then there's callsigns followed with - A & B & AD & C, and a
number of colorful Gateway symbols. Can someone explain to us all what all
these mean?

        I also have seen a number of different APRS frequencies being across
the state, I thought we where all standardizing this to a National frequency
so wherever we travel this great country APRS is common to all. 

Thanks in advance



      _-_|\           Mark Robinson VK4KMR 
   /        +\ <------- vk4kmr at wia.org.au 


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