[OZAPRS] New wheels - dare I use anything that transmits?

Tony King vk3api at people.net.au
Thu Aug 28 07:57:50 EST 2008

Hi All,

My 2000 model Holden Jackeroo has a rather dangerous response to both 2m 
and 70cm.

When the cruise control is engaged and you are cruising along YOU CAN'T 
DISENGAGE the cruise control if you are transmitting on either band.

I discovered this effect when I nearly ran into the back of a row of 
cars. I came up behind them at a set of traffic lights and couldn't 
disengage cruise.  I dropped the mic ready to take evasive action and 
suddenly the cruise control worked again.

I have verified this effect on a clear highway and it is totally 
consistent,  with the TX on around 146/147 Mhz and most of 70cm neither 
the brake pedal switch or the steering column switch will release the 
cruise control from cruise mode.   This using about 45W on a front roo 
bar mount dual band antenna.
Regards Tony
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