[OZAPRS] New wheels - dare I use anything that transmits?

Terry Neumann tfneumann at internode.on.net
Thu Aug 28 09:45:23 EST 2008

Thanks to everyone who has responded on this topic.    I've taken all 
comments on board, and one day when I'm feeling courageous I might try a 
few very low power experiments and see what happens.  It's apparent that 
there are some vehicles which do have unpredicted  and adverse responses 
to legitimate amateur operations and these are a cause for concern, 
especially with a new vehicle with a very high dependence on electronics 
and RF devices for it's operation.   The keyless entry and start system 
especially is quite scary with sensors to detect whether the "key" is 
inside the car, or outside.   Almost every panel I have peered under has 
an extensive wiring loom hiding under it.  Nothing like the good old 
Commodore or even Magna which were comparatively simple.  And then 
before that there was the EH Holden too - that was really 
straightforward (sigh) .....    

BTW everything else about the Lancer is to like - so far.  Nippy 
performance, good fuel economy  - provided you don't hammer it, and 
smart appearance.   The red ones might be fast Gordon, but the Champagne 
colour stays cleaner - even when it's a bit dirty  ;-) .  We liked the 
red but I hate washing cars - or being asked (told actually) to do so.

The first thing will be to get the 13.8 volt line from the battery to 
the interior of the car.  I'll see how things go after that.

73, and sincere thanks again to all who contributed - it's been a 
helpful thread with some unexpected but very interesting side effects,

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