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Sasi Nayar sasidiver at yahoo.com.sg
Tue Apr 29 14:04:24 EST 2008

>I guess that I may have been licenced longer than many within this forum being one of the first novices, then a Z call before obtaining my full call in those days we had to answer >essay type questions, not the perhaps easier multi choice ones these days with the start of an industrial hearing problem getting to 10 words a minute in CW was not easy 
Well said Brian. I took an exam that had essay type questions and 12 wpm morse - 20 years ago as a 15 year old. I am glad things have changed and we are now seeing a phase of 'revitalisation' in this hobby that was at the verge of senescence! Most of our repeaters used to be dead quiet 5 years ago and now I bet I can get a response even at 2 in the morning in Adelaide! We could go on about entry level operators not sticking to the LCD...what about a full call running a Killowatt? What we really need in this hobby is mentoring.
I ran a foundation course this weekend and we will have 6 new operators active on air..and I am delighted. What also made my weekend was a F-call work a station in KP4 on 40 m...he struggled a bit but made it. As for WIA....if it was not for the WIA we would have lost a major part of the spectrum and our privileges.
Let us enjoy the hobby and make the new comers welcome
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